How to Find a Friendly, Reliable Pet Sitter

The holidays are fast-approaching, and with the holidays comes the chance to travel to visit loved ones!  If your family pet isn’t up for a trip away from home, consider hiring a pet sitter!  Having your pet stay in their own home can be easier for them in your absence.  Here are some tips on finding and hiring the perfect pet sitter for your furry friend!

How to Find a Friendly, Reliable Pet Sitter | Carpe Diem CleaningWhere to Find Pet Sitters

You’ll want to make sure that anyone who you’re giving a key to your house to is reliable and trustworthy.  These days it’s easier than ever to find pet sitters who are reliable and a great fit for your pet.  You can view profiles of pet sitters on sites like and and sift through reviews of them as well.

You can also ask for recommendations for pet sitters in the Triangle through sites like the neighborhood social network or a local Facebook group like SoDu Parents Posse.  While reviews can help you to weed out sitters who might not be a great fit for your family, you never truly know what someone is like until you meet them!


How to Find a Friendly, Reliable Pet Sitter | Carpe Diem CleaningHow to Interview Your Pet Sitter

If the sitter who you have in mind hasn’t met your pet before, schedule an interview so they can meet you and your pet at your home.  That way you can ask about their pet experience, how they would deal with things if your pet isn’t having a good day (indoor cat gets lost outside, dog won’t eat, etc.), and see how they get along with your animal.

If you have a dog, consider going for a walk with the pet sitter to see them in action. If you have a cat or other animal, make sure they get along with your pet and feel comfortable handling it. You will, of course, want to make sure that your pet sitter is knowledgeable about caring for pets and is comfortable caring for yours.  Someone who has experience only with large dogs wouldn’t be the best person to feed your child’s snake while you’re away from home. ;-)

How to Find a Friendly, Reliable Pet Sitter | Carpe Diem CleaningIf your pet generally takes a while to warm up to new people, they may not bond with the potential pet sitter right away.  However, if she/he is patient, knowledgeable and comfortable with your pet, they could still be the right person to care for your pet.

Make sure to discuss what your expectations are from them as your pet sitter.  Will they stay at your home for the duration of your trip? Or would they visit just to feed your pet and clean out the litter box?

Do you want to receive a picture or video of your pet each day that you’re away?  Or would you rather your pet sitter only contact you in case of an emergency? Setting expectations from the start will ensure peace of mind while you’re away from home for both you and your pet sitter.

Let us know below what kind of pet you have!

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Prepping Your Home for Your Vacation Video

Prepping Your Home for Vacation

Prepping Your Home for Your Vacation Video | Carpe Diem CleaningSummer is so close that you can almost taste it!  If you’re looking forward to an awesome family vacation, make sure to leave your home in tip top shape.

CLICK HERE to find out how to prep your home for vacation!

In this video, Wendy covers maintenance tips and safety tricks that you might not have thought of before. We want you to come back to a fresh and safe home!

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How to Have a BLAST on Your Next Snow Day

Are you dreading the next snow day?  Don’t want your kids to be cooped up in the house all day with nothing to do?  Here are 4 tips that will help you and your family have a blast on your next snow day and make great memories!

Bundle Upwinter boots snow

Go outside and play in the snow!  You’ll make great memories with your kids and wear them out in the process.  Need more ideas of things to do outside?  Blow bubbles and watch them freeze if the temperature is under 32°!  Whip up some snow paint with just water, food coloring (or Kool Aid), and squirt bottles.

Burn It Off!

kids laser beam obstacle course

Laser Beam Obstacle Course

If your kids aren’t worn out after playing in the snow, choose one of these awesome games to get them moving indoors.  First, grab an over-sized t-shirt for each child to wear, and stuff pillows inside.  Then clear out some space in your living room, and let them sumo wrestle!  Looking for an activity to do in a more contained space?  Make a laser beam obstacle course with your kids in a hallway and then watch in amazement how many times they’ll go through it!  Use painter’s tape, crepe paper or yarn and masking tape for easy clean-up.


Crafting FTW 

Need to do something a little quieter in the house?  3-D Snowflakes keep kids busy for ages, and older kids can do this craft by themselves after you show them how to do the first section of the snowflake.  If your kids enjoy science-themed activities, try making Borax Crystal Snowflakes with pipe cleaners!  Simply dissolve Borax in water and let the snowflake-shaped pipe cleaners sit in the Borax solution overnight.  The next morning, they’ll be amazed at the crystals that formed and can play with their creation without it breaking!

Sweet Break

white blue hot chocolate

Elsa White Chocolate from Baking Beauty

Don’t forget to take a time out from your day to enjoy a sweet treat!  After all, a snow day is the perfect (and, really, the only) time to make Snow Ice Cream.  Make this dessert by mixing together milk, sugar, salt, vanilla, and, of course, lots of clean snow.  Want something to warm you up instead?  Check out this easy recipe for Elsa-inspired White Hot Chocolate that just calls for milk, white chocolate chips, vanilla and blue food coloring.  Don’t forget to add Bailey’s in mom or dad’s hot chocolate or snow cream to take it to the next level! ;-)

Want to really get prepared for more snow days?  Check out this link with tips on how to make your own snow day box!   See our other blog post with even more tips on how to have a fun-filled, family snow day!

Tips for Traveling with Kids

Traveling with Kids

Are you traveling to visit loved ones this holiday season with your children in tow?  Traveling with kids can be a daunting task, even for seasoned parents.  Here are some tips to keep the whole family sane and happy at the final destination!

almond snack white bowlPlanning your Travel Time

Pack snacks that you know your family members will enjoy.  Bring some healthy snacks (nuts, fruit squeezers, trail mix) and as well as some treats (cheese crackers, special juice, etc.).
Don’t want to entertain your kids for the.whole.time while traveling on a long road trip or cross-country flight?  Travel while they sleep as much as possible.  If your kids are light sleepers, then this tip is not for you.  However, if your kids are champion sleepers, try it!



During breaks, keep kids active!  Let your kids run around and get their energy out when stopping for food and bathroom breaks during road trips.  On flights where you have assigned seats, wait to board the flight until everyone else has been called.  Why be on the plane with small children 30 to 45 minutes longer than necessary?!  That way, they will be more tired and likely to sleep later on in the trip.

When flying, give toddlers and infants something to drink or suck on during the descent such as a bottle or a pacifier to distract them from their ears popping.  Have a snack, lollipop or gum ready to give to older children.

Use electronics as needed, and know how they affect your children.  Does playing their favorite iPad game wind them up or calm them down?  Do what works for your kids and family!


Assign a bag to each childtravel-bag

If you are flying, make sure that each child has their own backpack with their essentials in it.  This will keep them from having to ask mom or dad for anything that they need and will open up more space in your carry-on or personal item as well.   If you are driving, separate bags for activities and snacks ahead of time, so that you can pull out individual bags as needed.  Bring a cookie sheet for younger children to keep coloring books, crayons and small toys from escaping to the floor.


What to Keep On-Hand by AgeTraveling Night Road Trip

Infants & Toddlers – diapers, wipes, plastic bag for extra stinky diapers, snacks, 1 to 2 changes of clothes and small toys
Preschool & School-Aged – snacks, change of clothes, I-spy books, sticker books, drawing notebook and small toys, water bottle
Middle & High-Schoolers – water bottle, snacks, travel pillow, Mad-Libs, audio books from Audible or the library, extra charging device for electronics

Don’t forget that the things that go wrong often make the best memories!

Happy Travels!!


7 Tips For A Vacation-Ready Home

7 Tips for a Vacation-Ready Home

Have you ever come home from a lovely vacation to find a rotting smell in your house or a nasty layer of dust and grime? Vacation time is approaching and while you’re putting so much focus on creating that special get-away experience, a few steps of preparation will make “coming home” equally inviting. Here are our 7 Tips for a making your home vacation-ready!


Garbage-CanTrash the Trash!

Rotting food waste in particular makes for a stinky homecoming. Before you run out the door, remember to empty out all of your trash and recycling bins. This is probably the simplest (and most effective) thing you can do to ensure your home will be fresh and welcoming when you return from your trip.

sheetsChange the Sheets

After making it through a day of long flights or slow traffic, putting fresh sheets on your bed is probably the last thing on your exhausted mind once you get home. Changing the sheets before you leave ensures that climbing into bed will be that much sweeter after a long day of travel.

carpediemcarSchedule Your Cleaning

Cleaning up before you leave can be overwhelming when you’re trying to pack and tie up other loose ends, but who wants to come home to sticky counters, a grimy bathroom, and dusty furniture? Call ahead and schedule your cleaning service to come a few days before your vacation ends, so your house will be a fresh haven that you’re happy to return to. Carpe Diem will even change your sheets for you (so you can cross that one off your list)!

Air-FilterChange Your Filters

Take a moment and install a new air filter in your HVAC system before you leave. This will cut down on dust build-up while you’re gone, which is especially helpful if you’ll be gone for more than two weeks.

lampLeave the Lights On

Okay, don’t actually leave your lights on 24/7 while you’re gone! Instead put one or two of your lamps (which can be seen from outside) on timers. This will save energy and create the illusion that all is as usual at your home, which will deter break-ins.  You can find affordable timers at any hardware store.

newspaperStop the Presses

If you receive a newspaper, go ahead and put a hold on that (newspapers piled in a driveway signal that no one is at home). Also, put a hold on your mail (this can easily be done online), or arrange to have a neighbor or friend pick it up regularly.

KeyGet Creative with Your Key

We’ve cleaned thousands of houses over the years, and it turns out that most people hide their house keys in the exact same places. Chances are we’re not the only folks who know where to look. If you have someone coming by to check on your home, the safest thing is to just give them a spare key to keep. If this isn’t an option for some reason, consider getting super creative with where you hide your key, or storing your key in a lock box secured in a discreet location.