Our Organizer + Home Organization Tips

Our Organizer + Home Organization Tips | Carpe Diem CleaningThe back to school season is the perfect time to organize your home! Need help from a pro to transform your house? Our organizer Cary Farrell will turn your home into your dream space in much less time than it would take you on your own!  She helps her clients to use the prime real estate in their house well.  By focusing on putting items away where they are used most, the whole house stays clutter free!

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Here are some Clutter Free-inspired home organization tips to take your home from overwhelming to organized in no time!

Home Organization Tips

Use your prime real estate to your advantage.  Any space in your home that is easy to access and is close to where you spend most of your time in that room is prime real estate.  For example, you would never put your silverware in the cabinet above your refrigerator instead of the drawer next to the dishwasher, right?  Store items that are used regularly closer to eye-level and where they can be easily reached.  Keep items that are used less often farther away from the action.

Our Organizer + Home Organization Tips | Carpe Diem Cleaning

Decide on a place for items that move in and out of your house each day.  Whether you have a closet, mudroom, bench, or side table, make sure that you have a space for things that move each day that is different from a place where things stay.  Let’s say that you have a library book to drop off, but it’s not in a space where you would think to look as you’re leaving your house.


If you have a designated “drop off” zone, you’ll be more likely to remember to bring it with you as you leave your house and take everything else that you will need with you.  This designated place in your home is perfect for the current season’s shoes, handbags, backpacks, keys, sporting equipment and more!

Manage paper clutter, or it will manage you.  Keep a shredder and recycling bin close to your door to eliminate unnecessary paper clutter before you can set it down and let it accumulate.  When you receive an invitation in the mail, RSVP immediately.  If you are attending the event, mark it on your calendar.  If you need to purchase a gift for the guest(s) of honor, then go ahead and order one off the registry (if applicable) or schedule a date on your calendar to buy the gift.  If you choose to keep greeting cards in your home instead of recycling them, make sure that they are either in a special box (not in a prime real estate drawer), used as a bookmark, or are displayed accordingly.

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