Free Fridge or Oven Cleaning with the Purchase of a Deep Cleaning!

Free Fridge or Oven Cleaning with the Purchase of a Deep Cleaning! | Carpe Diem CleaningFree Fridge or Oven Cleaning Special

The holidays are right around the corner, and if you’re planning on doing extra cooking and baking or hosting loved ones, you’ll want to have a clean kitchen.  Until October 15th, get a free fridge or oven cleaning when you schedule a deep cleaning! Make sure that you’re kitchen is in tip-top shape before the holidays arrive…they’ll be here before you know it!

You can give us a call 919-682-5326, or shoot us an email to schedule your carpet cleaning today!

3 Reasons Why We Clean with Essential Oils

If you’ve had your home cleaned by Carpe Diem, you know that you’ll come home to a fresh smell on your clean day.  We use orange and lavender essential oils when cleaning our clients’ homes.  Not only do they smell great, but they have anti-bacterial and medicinal properties as well.

Did you know that olfactory nerves are the only ones that lead directly to the brain?  Scents have a direct influence on our brain, and the positive qualities of essential oils go directly to our brain which affects our whole body.

Anti-bacterial properties

Many essential oils, including orange and lavender, have antibacterial properties.  Using these oils in cleaning helps to ensure that your house is clean and disinfected.

Orange essential oil is also known to boost immunity and provide relief from inflammation.  It is a mood-lifter and even keeps insects away!  Lavender essential oil calms anxiety and provides relief from inflammation.  It is an antiseptic and an anti-fungal, which makes it perfect for cleaning.

Medicinal properties

We clean houses for many different kinds of clients, including cancer patients and people who are allergic to commercial cleaning products.  Using essential oils is our way of using a natural, even medicinal, product.  We would rather use essential oils because of their healing properties.  That way, we leave our clients homes better than we found them and not just cleaner.

If you’ve ever used Vicks VapoRub, you know that it helps to clear up congestion.  But did you know that eucalyptus essential oil is the main ingredient in Vicks VapoRub?  Essential oils help many people with allergies and sinus troubles to experience relief, and lavender is one oil that helps to relieve these symptoms.

Calm BedroomFresh, Clean Scent

Using essential oils leaves our clients’ houses feeling so much cleaner and fresher than when we arrived.  We don’t take for granted that our clients trust us with their most valuable asset–their home.  We want them to feel uplifted and calm when they come home on their clean day.  Our orange and lavender essential oils turn that desire into a reality.

Do you want some of these benefits from using essential oils, even when it’s not your clean day?  Try using disinfecting oils such as lemon, thyme, lime, cinnamon and peppermint.  You can use these in spot cleaning between clean days or in personal care items.  Or, diffuse your home with lavender, clary sage, eucalyptus, geranium and peppermint.  These will help with seasonal allergies and colds and will lift your mood, too!

Mother’s Day 10% Off a Deep Cleaning Special + Bonus Gift Ideas

Mother's Day 10% Off a Deep Cleaning Special + Bonus Gift Ideas | Carpe Diem CleaningLet’s be real, we owe a lot to our moms. They suffer through labor for 36 insane hours just to give birth to us.  They nurture us when we’re little.  They cheer us on through all our struggles and accomplishments.  Then, when we grow up, we either turn into them or marry them.

On May 14th you’ll have the opportunity to honor and say “thanks” to those special moms in your life (and special ladies – not everyone who nurtures has given birth).

Whoever they may be — your mom, your partner, your partner’s mom, your G-ma, a dear friend — take this moment to let them know how much they are valued.

What better gift to give than the gift of time?  From now until May 12th get 10% OFF when you purchase a Deep Cleaning for that special mom in your life. Watch her stress drain away as she enjoys a freshly cleaned home, courtesy of our skilled and responsive staff!

Contact our office by May 12th to discuss package options and to make your purchase. You can give us a call 919-682-5326, or shoot us an email!

Bonus Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Need more help?  Check out a these links to Mother’s Day gift ideas around the web!  From cards to printables to gifts that children can make, we’ve got you covered!

Mother's Day 10% Off a Deep Cleaning Special + Bonus Gift Ideas | Carpe Diem Cleaning30 Funny Mother’s Day Cards, our favorite?  “You were right.  There, I said it.”

Funny Mother’s Day mug…you know it’s true. ;-)

This rustic Always my Mother, Forever my Friend board.

Mother’s Day Crafts that your Kids Can Actually Make because they’re only little once.

These Sweet Mother’s Day Printable Quotes and Poems can be displayed long after a card is put away…

Free Mother’s Day Printables and Gift Tags–these are beautiful!

Go ahead, make Mother’s Day special for the precious ladies in your life!


3 Benefits of an Organized and Clean Home

Do you ever look around your home and feel overwhelmed with everything that you have to do? Maybe the junk drawer is overflowing, and the kitchen counter tops can’t seem to stay clean.  We may have a picture in our minds of how we want our homes to look, but the more important perk of having an organized and clean home is how it makes us feel.

3 Benefits of an Organized and Clean Home | Carpe Diem CleaningMore Productive

When we have an organized and clean home, we can’t procrastinate by organizing and cleaning it!  Let’s be honest, sometimes it’s too easy to put off doing a higher priority task because our floors are sticky and  Once we have a clean living space, we are more likely to be productive with the things that matter the most to us.

Need to make that important phone call or knock out that one difficult task?  If your house is clean and organized, you won’t get distracted with the lesser items on your to-do list.

3 Benefits of an Organized and Clean Home | Carpe Diem CleaningLess Stressed


Think about how you feel when you walk into your clean home.  How do you feel when everything is put away neatly where you can find the things that you need without fuss?

We are so busy and have everything from phone notifications to real-life people vying for our attention.  Being able to walk into your home and feel at peace with the state that it’s in is truly priceless.


3 Benefits of an Organized and Clean Home | Carpe Diem CleaningMore Quality Time with Family

If Carpe Diem cleans your home, then you ultimately have more quality time with your family.  Then when you’re at home and able to just pick up things here and there, it’s so much easier to keep your house feeling clean for most of the time.  Just a little bit of straightening up each week will help your cleaning team give your house an even deeper clean.  And less clutter in your house means more room in your brain!

The time that you save will allow you to spend more of your valuable time at home being with the people who you love.  If cleaning your home usually takes three hours, then you have those three hours back to watch your child’s game, linger at the table during mealtime, help with homework, and so much more.

Need some help keeping your home clean so that the organizing part is easy? You can give us a call 919-682-5326, or shoot us an email at to schedule your free consultation!


Post-Holiday Carpet Cleaning + Inclement Weather Policy

Many thanks to all our amazing clients, friends, fans, and family for an incredible 2016! We couldn’t do this without you! We are so excited for all that 2017 holds! 

Post Holiday Carpet CleaningCarpet Stain

Congratulations – you’ve survived the holidays! …But did your carpets? The holidays are a major source of activity in your home, often bringing extra foot traffic and brightly colored food and beverages.

The parties are over and the guests are gone – now is the perfect time to have your carpets steam cleaned! We’ll take care of any unfortunate party-induced stains your carpet may have suffered over the holidays, leaving it clean and fresh for the New Year. We even clean upholstery! Go ahead and download our Carpet Cleaning Checklist to get things started.

You can give us a call 919-682-5326, or shoot us an email to schedule your carpet cleaning today!

Inclement Weather PolicyInclementRoad

So far our winter has been pretty mild, but in North Carolina, that can change at any moment! Whatever comes, it’s good to be prepared.

Here’s a quick summary of our Inclement Weather Policy:

In the event of inclement weather, our Main Office and Southpoint Office will follow the Durham county schools for closings and delays, and our Cary-Apex office will follow the Wake County school system. School system closures are determined by the safety of bus routes. This provides a good indicator to us for both the safety of our crews coming to work from their own homes, as well as the safety of the routes to our clients’ homes.

Our route schedules will also follow the local schools for whatever county they are in. For example, if Durham schools are open but Orange County schools are closed, the Carpe Diem office in Durham will be open, but we will not be servicing homes in Orange County.

For a complete explanation of our Inclement Weather Policy, you can refer to our blog post.

You can also “Like” our Facebook page where we’ll be posting information about delays and closings. 


Hosting For The Holidays & Oven Cleaning

The Kitchen Oven Is Reliable,
But It’s Made Us Lazy.

-Jamie Oliver

Let’s be honest for a moment. Stove cleaning is just one of those household chores that we attempt to avoid as for long as possible. Just the thought of this time consuming domestic punishment will have you adding it to “The List” of things to do when you have free time. Not only is this chore time consuming, but having several layers of baked-on meals, requires you to use elbow grease and patience. Stove cleaning, though tedious, is instrumental to keeping a clean and healthy kitchen. However, there are also a number of dangers involved in the cleaning process.

Cleaning Products

The majority of cleaning products available in your local big b6ox stores contain chemicals that can be harmful if inhaled, ignited, or come into contact with your skin or eyes. Make sure when choosing these products to read the warning labels, and conduct a little research on the active ingredients.

Out of Sight, Out of Mind

Truth is, many of us stove-users aren’t bluntly ignoring the disaster building up in our ovens. It’s a fact that once that oven door closes, we don’t think about it again until its next use. Which is conveniently as we are pushing in a casserole to serve our family for dinner.

It’s not rocket science to imagine what happens to your stove when you continue to cook at high temperatures with left over cheese last month’s burnt lasagna. The food or grease that has collected in your cooker will often stick to the hot plating, grills and metal trays—continuing to burn. You and your family are now dealing with a smoke-filled kitchen. And if the smoke alone isn’t enough of a nuisance, there’s also the lingering smell and soot!

#ovencleaning #cleaning #SAHM #HomeCleaning #seizetheday

Most phone calls that Fire Departments receive are likely to be kitchen related, as full-blown kitchen fires actually account for more than half of  accidental domestic fires, and the majority of those are cooking related.

Is that Smoke for Dinner?

Firefighters and Fires aren’t the only hazards you have with cooking with a dirty stove. Another consequence is that a stove with sticky buildup will take a crucial toll on the quality of the meals you’re preparing.

Imagine an oven that is full of smoldering oil, charred cookie dough, and burnt french fries. Not a pretty sight! Now imagine how all that build-up can ruin the flavor of your signature dish. Instead of the flavors you love, now there’s a nasty, smoky taste. Not only can this ruin your dinner, but ingesting minute soot particles is not great for your health!

A  Headache-free Solution

Cleaning your stove regularly is essential to your safety, your health, and the quality of the meals you enjoy. But the process of cleaning your oven can feel so labor intensive and time-consuming that it keeps getting pushed off for another day.

When you’ve got a tough job on your hands, sometimes the best thing to do is to call the professionals. If you’ve been putting up with a dirty oven for way too long—give us a call! We’ve been making ovens sparkle for over 20 years, and our skilled staff will have the toughest ovens clean in no time.

Click here to schedule your oven cleaning.




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                                             Wendy Clark

Cleaning it Yourself

Still interested in taking a bat at cleaning your stove yourself?

Carpe Diem Cleaning’s owner Wendy Clark recommends this #GreenCleaning method using environmentally friendly ingredients that can be found in your household.



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Indy Best of the Triangle

We’re excited to announce Carpe Diem is in the running for the Indy Best Of The Triangle Awards 2016!!


Thanks to your help we were among the TOP 4 Nominees in the Durham House Cleaners category and we have made it on to the FINAL BALLOT!

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