Free Fridge or Oven Cleaning with the Purchase of a Deep Cleaning!

Free Fridge or Oven Cleaning with the Purchase of a Deep Cleaning! | Carpe Diem CleaningFree Fridge or Oven Cleaning Special

The holidays are right around the corner, and if you’re planning on doing extra cooking and baking or hosting loved ones, you’ll want to have a clean kitchen.  Until October 15th, get a free fridge or oven cleaning when you schedule a deep cleaning! Make sure that you’re kitchen is in tip-top shape before the holidays arrive…they’ll be here before you know it!

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The Importance of Removing Pet Hair Effectively

Do you have a pet who you love SO MUCH but who just won’t stop shedding?  Do you want to keep your home free from pet hair but don’t know where to start?  Pet hair from our furry friends can cause allergies, clog up air vents and just keep you from enjoying your home to its fullest potential!  Today we’ll give you solutions for removing pet hair effectively.

Air FilterImportance of Removing Pet Hair

Do you have family members who struggle with allergies?  Allergies can reveal themselves in many forms, from tiredness to itchy and runny eyes and noses to skin irritations and even anaphylactic shock.  Pet dander can cause allergies which can be less severe but still frustrating.  No one wants to be sneezing or rubbing their eyes constantly in their own home.

One way to keep allergies at bay with a pet is to change air filters regularly as pet hair can clog up air vents.  When your vents aren’t circulating air properly, you will have less efficient air flow and more pet dander floating around!

How to Prevent Pet Hair in your Home

Let’s be honest. Pet hair is annoying, gets everywhere, and sometimes you just want to sit on your couch without being covered in fur!  The best way to keep your pets from shedding all over your house is to brush their fur regularly, especially outside!  For most pets, this means brushing their fur once per week in a normal week and three to four times per week during changes in seasons when they’re shedding heavily.  Not only will this help to keep hair at a minimum in your home, it will also keep your pet healthier as brushing distributes healthy oils from their skin onto their fur and will prevent their fur from matting.

Also, make sure that your pet is eating healthy food that will keep his/her fur in better shape…and less likely to shed.  Check with your vet for more specific grooming instructions for your fur baby!

Amazing Sh-mopWays to Remove Pet Hair

Unfortunately, any animal covered in fur is still going to shed, even if it’s well groomed.  Here are a few ways to remove pet hair without clogging your vacuum cleaner! Use a squeegee to remove it from upholstery in your home or car.  Firmly press the squeegee down as you pull it toward you, and watch in amazement with how much fur it gathers!

You can also wet your hands (either bare or with rubber gloves) and rub down the spots that have the most pet hair on them.  Attach a dryer sheet to your Swiffer (or use the amazing Sh-Mop!) to pick up pet hair from the floor without having to sweep.

What are your go-to ways of keeping pet hair at bay?  Need extra help keeping your floors clean?  Call Carpe Diem 919-682-5326 t0 schedule a free consultation today!

3 Reasons Why We Clean with Essential Oils

If you’ve had your home cleaned by Carpe Diem, you know that you’ll come home to a fresh smell on your clean day.  We use orange and lavender essential oils when cleaning our clients’ homes.  Not only do they smell great, but they have anti-bacterial and medicinal properties as well.

Did you know that olfactory nerves are the only ones that lead directly to the brain?  Scents have a direct influence on our brain, and the positive qualities of essential oils go directly to our brain which affects our whole body.

Anti-bacterial properties

Many essential oils, including orange and lavender, have antibacterial properties.  Using these oils in cleaning helps to ensure that your house is clean and disinfected.

Orange essential oil is also known to boost immunity and provide relief from inflammation.  It is a mood-lifter and even keeps insects away!  Lavender essential oil calms anxiety and provides relief from inflammation.  It is an antiseptic and an anti-fungal, which makes it perfect for cleaning.

Medicinal properties

We clean houses for many different kinds of clients, including cancer patients and people who are allergic to commercial cleaning products.  Using essential oils is our way of using a natural, even medicinal, product.  We would rather use essential oils because of their healing properties.  That way, we leave our clients homes better than we found them and not just cleaner.

If you’ve ever used Vicks VapoRub, you know that it helps to clear up congestion.  But did you know that eucalyptus essential oil is the main ingredient in Vicks VapoRub?  Essential oils help many people with allergies and sinus troubles to experience relief, and lavender is one oil that helps to relieve these symptoms.

Calm BedroomFresh, Clean Scent

Using essential oils leaves our clients’ houses feeling so much cleaner and fresher than when we arrived.  We don’t take for granted that our clients trust us with their most valuable asset–their home.  We want them to feel uplifted and calm when they come home on their clean day.  Our orange and lavender essential oils turn that desire into a reality.

Do you want some of these benefits from using essential oils, even when it’s not your clean day?  Try using disinfecting oils such as lemon, thyme, lime, cinnamon and peppermint.  You can use these in spot cleaning between clean days or in personal care items.  Or, diffuse your home with lavender, clary sage, eucalyptus, geranium and peppermint.  These will help with seasonal allergies and colds and will lift your mood, too!

Prepping Your Home for Your Vacation Video

Prepping Your Home for Vacation

Prepping Your Home for Your Vacation Video | Carpe Diem CleaningSummer is so close that you can almost taste it!  If you’re looking forward to an awesome family vacation, make sure to leave your home in tip top shape.

CLICK HERE to find out how to prep your home for vacation!

In this video, Wendy covers maintenance tips and safety tricks that you might not have thought of before. We want you to come back to a fresh and safe home!

Want to come home from vacation to an even cleaner home?  Get 10% off a deep clean when you schedule a carpet cleaning in June!  You can give us a call 919-682-5326, or shoot us an email!



How to Clean Unsightly Grout Mold

Is your shower starting to look grimy?  Do you love the look of tile when it’s clean but can’t bear the grout mold that eventually builds up? Today we’ll explain how to clean the unsightly grout mold in your bathroom to help you seize your clean day!

Deep Clean

If you want to truly deep clean your bathroom and kill the germs that could harm your family, you’ll want to use bleach.  To deep clean grout mold that has built up, use a Clorox bleach gel pen for the best results!

First apply the gel to the grout. Then let it sit for 5 to 10 minutes before scrubbing the gel into the grout and mopping up the solution.  Your grout lines should look as good as new!


The best way to clean your grout mold is to stop it before it takes hold in your grout.  Moisture is your bathroom’s the biggest enemy!  Keep the fan on while you shower, and swipe an 18 inch squeegee across your tile after each shower to allow it to dry more easily and prevent mold from forming.  If you have a glass shower door, then using Rain-X will keep water spots from forming!

However, mold will (eventually) start to build up in your shower.  When the dreaded day comes, spray a tile cleaner with bleach all over your shower, and let it sit for 5 to 10 minutes.  Then simply wash the tile cleaner off with your shower head, and you’re done!

Make sure to always test a new cleaning solution on a small, inconspicuous part of your tile first.   Unfortunately, once your grout turns black (as opposed to red or green), it will have to be re-grouted. Clean your shower daily, and bleach it weekly to maintain your grout and to keep your shower sparkling!

Don’t have time to tackle extra cleaning projects or maintain your tile shower?  Give Carpe Diem a call 919-682-5326, or shoot us an email!

Why We Dust Instead of Using Pledge

Hey!  This is Madeline, Carpe Diem Cleaning’s General Manager, letting you know why we dust instead of using Pledge or other wood cleaners on your furniture.

Furniture cleaners such as Pledge just polish your wood furniture without actually cleaning it.  Unfortunately, this process is similar to using foundation to clean your face.  We would never do that, now would we, ladies?  Because Pledge builds up on wood furniture, eventually you have to strip the wood and start over, which is expensive and no fun.

With antiques and real wood, you want the true grain of the wood to shine through and last for years to come.  To maintain your wood furniture, go through your house twice a year and rub lemon oil on the wood to to moisturize it.  This simple step will feed your furniture’s “thirst” and will give it an authentic shine!

How to Get Your Home Move Ready

If you’re selling your home, these tips will help you to feel move ready in no time!  Taking time to declutter and organize your home inside and out will ensure your peace of mind while you gear up for a move.  First impressions are important, especially when showing your house!  Follow these tips (along with your realtor’s advice) to help your home sell even faster.

How to Get Your Home Move Ready | Carpe Diem CleaningDeclutter

If you’re preparing to move, this is the perfect time to declutter your home!  Before you put your house on the market, clear out any items that you don’t love or aren’t using regularly.  By selling, donating or throwing away anything that you will not be taking with you, you will make the rest of the moving process easier.  Remember, the more things that you get rid of now, the more space you’ll have for your favorite things in your new place.


How to Get Your Home Move Ready | Carpe Diem CleaningOrganize

One upside to decluttering is that it makes your space feel bigger, which is always a win with potential buyers!  After decluttering, the next step is to organize what you have decided to keep in your home.  Store off-season clothes in the attic or under your bed so that your closet feels bigger.  Then remove extraneous family photos so that potential buyers can picture themselves living in your house.

You’ll want to make sure that any of the items that you have displayed are done so attractively and without too much clutter so that the buyer can envision their things in your home.  When you’re organizing your home, expect people to snoop in your closets and cabinets so that you can be okay with what they find there. :-)  Finally, keep a plastic bin near your door so that you can throw anything extraneous into it when a realtor shows your home unexpectedly.

How to Get Your Home Move Ready | Carpe Diem CleaningInside

Once your house is decluttered and organized, it’s time to tackle some of the bigger projects.  Touch up the paint on your walls and make sure that all holes are patched and painted over.  Also, strip any out-dated wallpaper or paint over any paint colors that might put off potential buyers.

Do you have a door that won’t close all the way or a broken ice maker in your freezer?  Go ahead and repair any appliances that aren’t working and fix other issues with your house before putting it on the market.


How to Get Your Home Move Ready | Carpe Diem CleaningOutside

Your house’s curb appeal is the first in-person impression that potential buyers will have of your home–so you’ll want to make it a great one!  Make sure that the outside of your house has been pressure washed and that your windows have been cleaned.

Clear out any cobwebs from corners of your house or porch.  Mulching and planting flowers will help your home to be more visually appealing and welcoming to visitors.  Make sure to trim any bushes that are getting out of control, too!


Finally, have your home professionally cleaned before pictures are taken for the realtor and when you move out. You can give us a call 919-682-5326, or shoot us an email!

Mattress Cleaning Guide

Mattress Cleaning Guide | Carpe Diem CleaningIt’s spring cleaning time, which means that now is the time to give your mattress some TLC!  This often-neglected piece of furniture supports us for about a third of our lives while we sleep and deserves extra care.

Here are 5 easy steps to cleaning and caring for your mattress so that it can continue to give you amazing support!


washing machine

1.Wash all sheets and mattress covers.  Make sure that you have a waterproof mattress cover to keep out any dust and dust mites that can get into your mattress.

2. Sprinkle with baking soda and your favorite essential oil.  Cover your mattress with 1/4 cup of baking soda, and let it sit for 30 minutes.  You can also mix 2 to 3 drops of your favorite essential oil into the baking soda to keep your mattress smelling extra fresh!



3. Vacuum up the baking soda with a clean vacuum attachment.  Make sure that you vacuum slowly to pick up all of the baking soda.  This step will also ensure that you clean out any dust or dust mites that may be in your mattress.

4. Flip your mattress over if you have a two-sided mattress.  Want to really extend the life of your mattress?  Ideally, try to flip and rotate your mattress 180° every 3 months (or when the seasons change).  This step is crucial to making sure that your mattress will continue to support you for years to come.


Calm Bedroom5. Re-dress and admire your fresh mattress.  Finally, put your clean mattress cover and sheets back on your mattress with your pillows.  Take in the fact that your whole bed is neat and clean!



pillows, bedBonus tip – Wash your pillows!  Dirt and dust from your body causes pillows to get denser over time if they’re not cleaned regularly.  However, if you have foam pillows, do not wash them in the washing machine; simply spot clean them instead.

To wash your pillows, first remove all pillow covers and protectors.  Place 2 to 3 pillows vertically in the washing machine using gentle laundry detergent on a gentle cycle with warm water.  Make sure to add an extra rinse cycle and wring the pillows out.

Next, put them in the dryer on the low- to no-heat setting and put wool balls in to fluff up the pillows.  Replace their covers, and you have clean pillows to lay your head on again!  Want more tips for cleaning a different type of pillow?  Check out eHow’s tutorial!

If you’re interested in more tips for keeping your home neat and clean, be sure to check out our Facebook page!  Need help with cleaning the rest of your house?  Reach out to us today at 919-68-CLEAN or to schedule your free consultation!

19 Essential Spring Cleaning Tips

Ready to pump up your Spring Cleaning game? Here are 19 areas & items to tackle that will take your Spring Clean to a whole new level!

19 Essential Spring Cleaning Tips | Carpe Diem Cleaning

Living Room
Air Filter
1.     Move large furniture to clean behind and underneath it.

2.     Clean the windows and the inner seals of the windows.

3.     Change your air filters and clean your air vents.

clean ovenKitchen

4.     Defrost your freezer and wipe it out.

5.     Clean out your cabinets. Throw away expired food.

6.     Clean the oven, including the exhaust vents.


7.     Dust those light fixtures!

8.     Go through your cabinets, throw away any expired makeup or beauty products.

9.     Check the grout in your shower. (The grout in tile can wear out.) Re-grout areas that are weak or damaged. (You can DIY or hire a professional.)


10.  Flip your mattress and check your pillows! Pillows can house bacteria and mold. If they are machine washable, wash them, if not either hand wash or just replace.

11.  Clean out your drawers and closets.

12.  Clean off your blinds and ceiling fans.

washing machineLaundry Room

13.  Check the dryer’s lint trap and clean the vents and exhaust.

14.  Clean out your washing machine. See instructions for top loading and front loading.

General Living Areas

15.  Check your porches for cobwebs and debris

16.  Clean your blinds and wash your curtains.

17.  Look for those hard to reach baseboards and areas that are hard to dust.

Ceiling Fan18.  Free up space by putting coats and heavy blankets into storage.

19.  Change the direction that your ceiling fans turn. In the summer, ceiling fans should rotate counterclockwise to push cool air down to the floor. Check out this detailed explanation from the professionals.

Need some help with the regular Spring Cleaning To Dos? Why not schedule a Deep Cleaning? Download our Deep Cleaning checklist to get started!  

Why You Should Change Your Fans & Filters with the Time Change

Looking for ways to save on heating and cooling costs while keeping your air at home healthy?  These two tips will improve your air quality, the life of your HVAC system (one of the most expensive appliances to replace) and keep your home at just the right temperature for YOU.

One of the best ways to build habits is to set triggers around those habits.   This Sunday is Daylight Savings Time, and though we’re losing an hour, it’s the perfect time to change your filters and fans.  Set a reminder on your calendar to turn your clocks ahead one hour on Sunday, March 12th (2:00 am will become 3:00 am).



Call your HVAC guy to come and check out your system and give it a tune up. You’ll be beating the rush of all those calls he’ll get when things start heating up in March.

Haven’t changed your air filters in a while?  Make sure that you’re changing them monthly during winter and summer when your HVAC system is working the hardest.  During spring and fall, you can change them every three months if you have a pet-free home and good quality air filters.

If you suffer from allergies or notice your air quality going down, changing your filters will improve your air quality and preserve the life of your HVAC system since it keeps out dust and other particles that clog up the system.  Let’s take a second to breathe that in.

Why You Should Change Your Fans and Filters with the Time Change | Carpe Diem Cleaning

Ceiling Fans

When you turn your clock forward, it’s time to turn your ceiling fans back! Make sure your ceiling fans are spinning counterclockwise to force cool air downwards. When your fans are spinning clockwise they will create an updraft that will force warm air down downwards.  In spring, we want to prepare our house for the summer heat and use our fans efficiently.

This downward flow of air creates a windchill effect, which will make your home feel cooler than it is! Then you can raise your temperature and save your hard-earned money for something more fun–like spring break!


PollenBonus Tip

Pollen season in North Carolina lasts pretty much from March until September, with the worst of the yellow stuff plaguing us through March and April. Get some allergy medicine (antihistamines and/or nasal washes) now so you’ll have it when you need it!

By forming the habit of changing your fans and filters with the time change, you’ll be able to breathe easy as the seasons change.  Now go out there and make your home fresher and cooler!